about ilke

Hi! My name is Ilke – I’ve worked as a successful multi-product designer and maker in the fashion industry for almost 10 years.

I’d like to summarize myself as a multi-talented and multi-approached designer and maker with sustainability in mind. I have excellent knowledge about print design, fabric design, production (in print, in weaving and in clothing), garment construction and sewing. This being said, I also offer Design & Consultancy services for smaller businesses to help to grow their businesses and make better choices.

I started Ilke Usluca Design during the lockdown in September 2020 and I’ve learnt many more skills about the industry while running my small business.

A little bit more about me

I’ve completed my MA in Textiles at Chelsea College of Arts / London and my BA in Textile and Fashion Design at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University /Istanbul. During my MA at Chelsea College of Arts, I’ve specialised in sustainability and adapted further earth-friendly approaches to the textile industry.

After I’ve been granted a scholarship after a competition I’ve won (You can see Arakne Collection in the link below) I moved to London in 2014 for my MA. It was a great start to discovering more about the sustainability practices in textiles and to see what can change in the industry.

After that, In 2015 I started my business as Design & Sewing Services business to help companies and designers. I’ve had a chance to work with many names including Mango, Strawberries & Cream, Heidi Klein, Doc Cotton, Little Bevan, Rockins, Lisa King, Asos, TK Maxx, Fyodor Golan, James Hock, Gosha London, Bagpad London, Petit Pli and Geraldo Forazao. During this time I focused more on pattern making, sampling, bespoke sewing, small-sized productions as well as a smaller portion on design and consultancy services.

about me

Customers I’ve worked with as part of my Design & Sewing Services

  • Hollidolls Swimgerie
  • Atea Oceanie
  • James Hock
  • Kardem Textile
  • Archive Design
  • Silhouettes Group
  • Mind the Art
  • Nina Naundstal
  • Sera Ülger
  • Chishi Kapundu
  • Sweet Fa
  • Dolce Roopa
  • Fruti Clothing
  • Prim and Clover
  • Dollhouse Fashions
  • Ryan Yasin
  • Petit Pli
  • Luluyetha Howell
  • Alison Ford
  • Gayle Warwick
  • Saskia Gorenemeyer
  • Ballonet Ltd
  • Elizabeth Trafford Owen
  • Nordic Sock Company
  • Beejo London
  • Little Bevan
  • Caroline Barrow
  • Little Boxers
  • Spot Textile
  • Borough Workwear
  • Savoca London
  • Gosha Ltd
  • Wolf and Badger
  • Maison Bent
  • Peregrine and Jude
  • WGSN
  • Bagpad London
  • Doc Cotton
  • Geraldo Frozao
  • Little Bevan
  • Strawberries and Cream

More about Ilke Usluca Design

After lockdowns with my changed mindset about life, I decided to start Ilke Usluca Design where I am focusing on creating earth-friendly and conscious textile products that are aiming to bring some joy while being eco-conscious. After working long enough in the fashion industry, I became increasingly aware of how unsustainable the fashion industry was. My care and passion for sustainability are not only on my products but also reflected in my life. I am doing everything in my power to reduce my carbon footprint by following a zero-waste lifestyle. Therefore, I wanted to carry the same zero-waste approach to my brand, for people like me who are conscious, eco-friendly and love their planet.

The reason I am using zero-waste practices in my products is to cut down the pre-consumer waste. All the patterns are made from blocks of shapes and the excess of the fabric is folded into the product not to throw anything into the landfill. Consciousness, quality and multifunctionality are among the core of my products.

From what I’ve gained from my experiences in the field, I am designing all the prints and handmaking the products in my little studio. I believe in the power of prints and colours and with that belief, I am creating products to help us feel good and live better.

All of my fabrics are digitally printed, which is more environmentally friendly than screen printing.  Digital printing uses a lot less water than traditional screen printing techniques. Also, all our fabrics are printed in the UK to reduce shipping miles. In addition, all the packaging I use is made from recycled kraft paper and can be recycled or reused again. Furthermore, to avoid virgin papers or non-recyclable papers like tissue paper I send all my products in cotton drawstring bags that customers can also use for something else. In conclusion, I aim to provide a sustainable process from design to delivery.

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