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Lavender Eye Pillows

Relax and relieve your tension with our lavender eye pillows. Enjoy your rest with the calming smell of lavender, which is great for helping us sleep.

Filled with organic dried British lavender, our aromatherapy lavender eye pillow is a perfect companion to your meditation, yoga practise or relaxation. For a warm compress, you can heat it on your radiator, or for a cold compress chill in the freezer for 30 mins.

You can slip one under your pillow for a better nights rest and enjoy the soothing smell of lavender all night long as well.

You can relive your headaches or migraines with lavender eye pillows. Some of our customers also use lavender eye pillows to rest on their forehead and eyes during resting or before sleeping. If you are a migraine sufferer you might want to look into them.

The outer cover can be removed and washed separately.

All our prints are designed by Ilke and printed digitally in the UK with eco-friendly inks. All our products are hand made with zero-waste policies. So there is no waste thrown into the landfill during the making.

All products are handmade by Ilke in London
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