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Sleep Masks

Our sleep masks offer great sleep. They will provide a comfortable and peaceful sleep with a total black-out.
It is proven with research that sleep masks are very important for a better quality of sleep. Sleeping is where we reboot ourselves and release necessary hormones for our body to recover and reset. So it is crucial to get a good nights sleep.

You can sleep in total darkness with style, with our sleep masks. And our sleep masks are soft and durable, which means they will remain your favourite sleep companion. As well as for sleeping, our sleep masks are also great for travelling or napping during the daytime.

All our prints are designed by Ilke and printed digitally in the UK with eco-friendly inks. Our products are hand made with zero-waste policies. Therefore there is no waste thrown into the landfill during the making. All items are handmade to the highest quality.

All products are handmade by Ilke in London
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